Allen Morton Obituary – Allen Morton Cause of Death – Passed Away

Allen Morton Obituary – Cause of Death – Passed Away: Dr. Allen Glenn Morton met his Creator on February 7, 2021 encompassed by his caring family.

Dr. Morton was brought into the world on July 9, 1926 in Ramseur, North Carolina to Andrew C. Morton and Olivia Crutchfield Morton. He moved on from Trinity High School and went to both the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill and High Point College and accepted his Bachelor’s Degree in English and Spanish.

Upheld by the National Defense Education Act, he accepted his PhD from George Peabody College at Vanderbilt University. He served the United States Air Force for a very long time resigning August 2, 2002. He filled in as a Scholar in Residence for the Air University’s College for Aerospace Doctrine, Research and Education, distributed This is Your Air Force (1978) and was a Spanish manager for Air University Press.

Moreover, he wrote and altered numerous USAF distributions by working together with different military experts. He is loved and made due by his significant other Dr. Elba Magaña Morton and children, Scott Morton MS, Dr. John Morton and Patrick Morton MBA and grandkids Sarah, Rachel, and Jack Morton.

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