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8 People Whose Day Went So Completely Wrong They Had to Laugh About It

We all have better and worse days, times when everything goes just as we wanted or had planned, and other days when we would have preferred to stay in bed and sleep under a pile of blankets. These are days that you just wish would end, but after a while, you tell stories about them as an anecdote to make you laugh.

Several people have posted images that illustrate these “memorable” days, and Bright Side wants to share some of them with you so that your day can be better than the folks on our list.

1. “Waited 5 years for this cactus to bloom. Leaving for a 5-day trip and I noticed this.”

2. “Saved for 4 years to buy a BMW, 3-days later this piece of metal bounced from the highway into my headlight. The dealership wants $2,895 to fix it.”

3. “Left my 1-month-old bike for one night on the street.”

4. “My air conditioner stopped working for a few days. My house got so hot and humid, it sealed my entire Costco-size case of envelopes.”

5. “So, how’s your day going?”

6. “Found this outside. Someone’s day will be ruined.”

7. “Never broke a phone before in my life. The first day I get my new one, with no insurance, I drop it 4 feet and this happens.”

8. “I have 4 exams in the next 2 weeks. I have to buy a replacement online as shops don’t have it. The soonest I can receive one without selling a kidney for shipping is 15 days from now.”

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