7 Surprising Facts About Benedict Cumberbatch, Who Recently Celebrated His 47

In July, one of the most famous British actors celebrated his birthday. During his career, Benedict Cumberbatch played really recognizable roles in the world, like SherlockDr. StrangeHawkingAssange. But except for his busy movie life, he has an interesting personal life.

Cumberbatch possesses the legal capacity to officiate weddings.

Benedict holds the complete authority to solemnize marriage ceremonies. He acquired legal ordination specifically to officiate the union of his close companions during their joyous wedding celebration in 2013. Benedict noticed how thrilling and great a moment it was: “To be near people making that vow… it’s a fantastic thing to witness.”

Benedict wanted to become a criminal barrister.

Growing up in a family of actors, Cumberbatch’s path to fame wasn’t always set for the spotlight. His parents, both actors themselves, didn’t want him to become an actor and encouraged him to seek a more stable profession. This led him to dream of becoming a criminal barrister.

“I would’ve loved the performance of court, the idea of persuading people, storytelling and all that. It parallels beautifully with acting, lots of frustrated, amateur dramatics going on in court all the time. I think lots of barristers literally perform in amateur dramatic societies and are very good actors,” Cumberbatch explained.

He spent a year in India teaching English.

Cumberbatch had a gap year, so he decided to do something pretty cool — he volunteered to teach English in Darjeeling, India. His fascination with meditation and all that stuff made him go on a retreat with a lama and a bunch of other people. Benedict was blown away by the whole experience and it felt like he was floating.

BBC didn’t think Benedict was “sexy” enough to star as Sherlock.

East News

Sherlock Holmes wouldn’t be Sherlock Holmes if it weren’t for Benedict. And while it’s pretty funny to think about it now, back when he was chosen to play the role, not everyone was convinced he could nail it. The BBC had their doubts because they were looking for someone with more sex appeal.

The co-creator of SherlockSteven Moffat, revealed that when he showed his casting suggestion to BBC, they responded, “You promised us a sexy Sherlock, not him.”

He has a rare genetic mutation.


Cumberbatch boasts a rather groovy and harmless genetic mutation that includes central and sectoral heterochromia. In his case, each eye flaunts multiple colors, with a captivating blend of blue, green, and gold. Moreover, his right eye spots a distinctive brown “freckle” of color, a characteristic trait of sectoral heterochromia, making his mesmerizing gaze all the more unique.

Benedict is unwilling to work on a project if his female co-stars aren’t paid the same.

Gerald Matzka / DPA / East News

Equal pay in Hollywood has become a highly debated issue, and Benedict Cumberbatch isn’t afraid to voice his firm stance on the matter. He made it crystal clear that he won’t be part of any project where his female co-stars are not receiving the same pay as their male colleagues.

“Equal pay and a place at the table are the central tenets of feminism,” he revealed.

He was meant to play Sherlock, because the actor is a distant relative to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

It appears that destiny had a hand in casting Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes, as if it was a role meant for him from the beginning. In 2017, researchers stumbled upon a captivating revelation — Cumberbatch and the renowned creator of Sherlock Holmes, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, share a familial connection as distant relatives.

The astonishing discovery revealed that they are sixteenth cousins, twice removed, both tracing their ancestry back to the former Duke of Lancaster, John of Gaunt. This esteemed figure serves as the 15th great-grandfather of Doyle and the 17th great-grandfather of Cumberbatch, cementing a bond that transcends time and artistic portrayal.

We love watching our favourite actors playing fascinating roles. But we also love to know more about their personal side of living, facts. Especially some unevident details, like Judi Dench has deep regrets on family size, Christina Applegate courageously battles multiple sclerosis or Salma Hayek’s not-so glamorous side.

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