11 Ways to Combine Outfits and Accessories to Spice Up Your Look

From jewelry, hats, and bags to scarves, belts, and shoes, the ways to add oomph to your outfit appear to be endless, and, yes, sometimes overwhelming. To some of us, accessorizing can seem like a skill that takes a lifetime to master, but in fact, it doesn’t have to be all that difficult. Having a couple of expert tips up your sleeve can turn you into your own personal stylist and take your outfits to the next level.


1. Choose the right belt for your outfit for a more polished look.

Adding the right belt can elevate your look. For example, petite ladies should go for a monochrome skinny belt, while a wide belt looks great on tall and athletic women. Wide belts can also be used to harmonize different prints.

Super skinny belts go well with solid color tops or bottoms but will get lost in busy patterns. Wide belts go great with jumpsuits and dresses, but they can also be used to cinch a sweater or a jacket and accentuate your figure. To play it safe, go for a medium-thickness belt since they work with pretty much anything.

2. Choose the footwear according to the skirt hemline.


The shorter the skirt, the lower the heel is a golden rule that can keep you away from looking tacky in a miniskirt. But when the same miniskirt is paired with ballet flats, loafers, or even a nice pair of sneakers, it can look polished and cool. On the other hand, don’t be afraid of wearing sky-high heels with midi and maxi skirts. If you cannot resist combining high heels and a miniskirt, wearing a pair of tights can make the whole look much more sophisticated.

3. Accessorize with jewelry or a scarf to divert attention from problem areas.

If you like wearing figure-hugging skirts but have a bit of a tummy, you can wear a colorful scarf or oversized jewelry to divert attention from your midriff to your face. Also, you can invest in some shape wear to make your figure even slimmer. Avoid tight skirts with embellishments and details on the waist if you are conscious about your midsection.

4. Balancing your accessories is the key.

It’s easy to get carried away with gorgeous accessories and go overboard with details. When adding a scarf to your look, avoid overcomplicating it by incorporating too much jewelry. To avoid this mistake, you can follow a simple 1:1 ration rule: a scarf + necklace or a scarf + statement earrings.


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